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Utah League of Cities and Towns

Tue 17 May 2016 policy

I believe Cedar Hills should continue to participate in the Utah League of Cities and Towns. ULCT is comprised of elected officials and staff from cities throughout Utah. Their purpose is to support cities and towns by providing them with training, giving them legal advice, and representing their interests with the state legislature. I have personally attended their training meetings and received legal advice from the league, and always found it to be extremely helpful. Likewise, membership in ULCT is regarded as highly valuable by the former council members, former mayors, and staff I have talked to.


Commercial Zone Revisions

Mon 02 May 2016 code, development

The city is currently revising our zoning and development ordinances for the commercial zone. This post outlines our process to date and shares the current drafts the council will be considering. We would like to hear your feedback if you have any concerns or suggestions.


Commercial Zone Survey

Fri 26 February 2016 code, development

The city is currently revising our zoning and development ordinances for the commercial zone. We recently conducted a survey to collect feedback from our residents regarding what uses they think should be allowed in the commercial zone. Thank you for your input! This article summarizes the results of the survey so you can see what your fellow residents think. We'll be taking this input into consideration as we revise our code.


Revising Our City Code

Thu 28 January 2016 code, development

The city is currently revising our zoning and development ordinances for the commercial zone. We will be collecting extensive public feedback to ensure that the changes reflect resident preferences and protect property rights. The changes will also be reviewed by our legal council to ensure that they meet the requirements of state and federal code. This post summarizes our process to date so that residents can be ready to provide feedback to the planning commission and city council.


2015 Meet the Candidates Night

Tue 20 October 2015 elections

The PTA sponsored a meet-the-candidates night on Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 6:00pm at Cedar Ridge Elementary. The event was organized by Heather Pack and Cindy Davis. Rep. Mike Kennedy moderated. I recorded the event so you can view the videos below.


Questions for City Council Candidates

Sun 09 August 2015 elections

I have heard from a number of residents who are having difficulty choosing who to vote for in the upcoming city council election. We have a large field, and it is difficult to know where everyone stands. To help better understand each candidate, I have drafted the following questions. Below are the questions and their answers, along with links to their blogs.


Public Hearing on Congregate Care Facility

Wed 05 August 2015 development

On Tuesday, 18 August 2015, the planning commission will hold a public hearing on a congregate care facility proposed for the corner of Cedar Hills Drive and 4600 West. This facility is called the Rosegate at Cedar Hills Development and is a revision of a proposal that has been brought before the planning commission several times.


American Fork Canyon Resolution

Tue 07 July 2015 recreation

Today the Cedar Hills city council will be considering a resolution written by council member Trent Augustus regarding the American For Canyon. In this post I will explain why I have prepared a substitute resolution that I believe better protects American Fork Canyon and provides a vision the entire council can embrace.


American Fork Canyon Meeting

Wed 01 July 2015 recreation

On Wednesday, 1 July 2015, I attended a meeting arranged by Protect and Preserve American Fork Canyon at American Fork High School. The purpose of the meeting was to inform residents about recent developments in the canyon area, focusing primarily on the Mountain Accord proposal to swap land owned by Snowbird in Salt Lake County for land owned by the Forest Service in Utah County. Snowbird for some time has wanted to expand their ski and resort operations. There were several presentations and a question-and-answer session.


Congregate Care

Sat 06 December 2014 development

On Tuesday, 4 December 2014, the city council discussed how a congregate care facility fits into our development guidelines. The city council voted 3-2 to treat a congregate care facility as an assisted living facility. This was a complex decision with numerous ramifications for development in our commercial zone.