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2015 Meet the Candidates Night

Tue 20 October 2015 elections

The PTA sponsored a meet-the-candidates night on Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 6:00pm at Cedar Ridge Elementary. The event was organized by Heather Pack and Cindy Davis. Rep. Mike Kennedy moderated. I recorded the event so you can view the videos below.

Introductory statements

Prepared Question #1

How long have you lived in Cedar Hills and what are some specific things you have done to serve the city and/or its citizens?

Prepared Question #2

What are two things you stand for and two things you stand against that specifically impact Cedar Hills?

Prepared Question #3

Has there been a time that you've had to bring two philosophically different parties together? If so, how did you promote compromise?

Questions from Residents #1

Do you support a pool or library for our city?

Questions from Residents #2

Do you think a city council member represents their neighborhood or the entire city? How would you vote on an issue if it was bad for your neighborhood but good for the rest of the city?

Questions from Residents #3

What skill, experience or knowledge would you bring to the council that it doesn't already have?

Questions from Residents #4

Are there any city issues where you have changed your mind? Why did you change your opinion?

Questions from Residents #5

As a city council person if elected you will be asked to or assigned to be a member of county special service district board of directors. Which ones in priority would you like to serve on and why?

Questions from Residents #6

Do you support or oppose the expansion of the Snowbird ski resort into AF Canyon and why?

Questions from Residents #7

Are you in favor of a fully informed vote of citizens on the future of the golf course?

Closing Statements