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Traffic at SR-92 and I-15 Interchange

Tue 27 May 2014 transportation

During the city council meeting on 15 April 2014, our Utah House representative for District 27, Mike Kennedy, discussed a number of issues with us. One item he brought to our attention is the amount of traffic at the SR-92 and I-15 interchange.

Mike Kennedy gave us this flyer describing the problem and a proposed crossing for Triumph Blvd. over I-15:

pdf flyer

Current Traffic

Those of you have driven in this area during peak traffic hours know the traffic can be bad. The diagram below shows road conditions in the area at peak times, with yellow indicating a service level of "D" and red a service level of "F".

current traffic

The possible ratings for traffic conditions are shown below, with delays for signaled intersections:

  • A : Free Flow/Insignificant Delay (0 to 10 seconds delay)
  • B : Stable Operations/Minimum Delays (10 to 20 seconds delay)
  • C : Stable Operations/Acceptable Delays (20 to 35 seconds delay)
  • D : Approaching Unstable Flows / Tolerable Delays (35 to 55 seconds delay)
  • E : Unstable Operations / Significant Delays Can Occur (55 to 80 seconds delay)
  • F : Forced, Unpredictable Flows / Excessive Delays (80 seconds delay or more)

Proposed crossing

To fix this problem, a bridge over I-15 is being proposed for Triumph Blvd., as shown below.

future traffic

This again shows the traffic level, with the projection indicating that the problem areas will be improved to a level of "D". I do not know if any funding is being set aside for this project, or which agency would build it.

Moving Forward

It's not clear what could be done to further improve traffic congestion in the area. With the amount of development in Lehi, a likely move of the prison causing more development in Draper, and the already difficult conditions at the Point of the Mountain, we can likely expect congestion in this area for a while. It might be time to think about improving bicycle access and public transit in the area.