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Water Conservation Committee

Sun 07 September 2014 water

This year the city appointed a Water Conservation Committee to advise the city on how best to reduce the amount of pressurized irrigation water residents are using. Conservation is needed if we hope to keep usage within the design limits our irrigation system and to provide enough redundancy in case a component of the system fails. Conservation will also be needed if the area experiences extended drought. In this post, I will share the recommendations of the citizens committee.


Pressurized Irrigation Capacity

Sat 06 September 2014 water

On Thursday, 14 August 2014, the city held a town hall meeting discussing our pressurized irrigation system. This meeting discussed the capacity of our water system, how it will react under various scenarios. The bottom line is that continued operation of our system at the levels we saw in 2013 will likely cause premature failure of key system components and unreliable system performance. If we are able to implement conservation measures that reduce our water usage to reasonable levels, then our irrigation system should have adequate capacity and performance.